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Wordpress is the best for the Web?

Written by Cristian Herrera on . Posted in WordPress

WordPress logoThere are many who have gone out and the claim that WordPress is the best thing that has happened to the web and it is the best for SEO. Something that is important to realize is that the search engine does not care what system you have behind, but the only thing that is important "on page" is the output that is served to the robot. The search engine is really a web client like any other, and must follow the rules set by the http protocol and languages ​​html / xhtml to determine what pages all about. I tested WordPress now for a little while and I have come to both positive and negative findings on the WP.

Positiva properties:

  • Easy to use for end users
  • many templates
  • easy to use templates
  • Many plugins
  • rss
  • Pingback / trackback
With the right plugins WP is very good to work with the right plugins, there is support for most of what I really want to do. One can easily get syntax highlighting lightning in the built-in editor and file user.css is a good solution to over Ridea default values ​​in the template using. Pingback / Trackbacks are an effective way to create back links if blogs.

Negative characteristics:

  • Absolute URL:in the database
  • large inkopatibilitet between versions
  • no hierarchical structure of content pages
The first major problem I encountered with WP was when I was moving it between sub-domains. Any URL:you are hard-coded in the database with their absolute values, which can mean some pretty big problems when moving the site from one domain to another. The other thing I reacted to was that WP forces one to not use the, ä or ö in URL:erna, However, working characters such as é, £ and €, and crylliska alphabet, This suggests that the developers had not thought of that some want to use the, ä and ö in their URL:them. Then they forgot to exclude the other characters as the way of thinking would mean problems for some browsers. I would like to see a solution that allows all characters but 301:is the normalized form of the path to the real, eg / Nails → / false nails. That there is a hierarchical structure between content pages is hugely frustrating for me. I want to work in such a way that I will be able to create large structures and be able to write content on the parent page and any other content on Childe, to create and Logical skalblara sites. Then another annoying thing, one of WP's strengths is also one of its weaknesses, pluginsen. There is a huge variety of plugins, a real jungle, and a plug that was masterful in a version of WP, may not work in the next.


I would like to say that WP deserves praise, but is far from flawless. Although it is an easy to use system which suit many, the system has clean design error (programming / structured databas), if one were to ask me. A request from me would be to simply be able to create hierarchical structures, also “sidor”, and to be able to have content in each level. But I would not discourage anyone from using WP, it is a good system for the end user and it is possible to create much in the, but one should also be aware that there may be a problem for a domain change, or whether to switch servers. Each system has its pros and cons and one should choose platforms based on the needs that the project has. But as I say, there are no universal solutions, one size doesn’t fit all.

How do we convert?

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Kom inte in!!I like to discuss getting the following way: If you have a high ranking in search engines but does not generate clicks, so it is not worth much. And in the final stage does not generate new traffic leeds so it is not much worth it either… So.. in a second step in how not to generate traffic to their site, let us take up a little bit about how to actually avoids the traffic you get will call you back…
  1. Hide your phone number as best you can, Please schedule for 5 clicks before you get there.
  2. Have a boring design, happy one and the same color and only images that do not say anything useful.
  3. As everyone knows, are good navigational something totally overrated, make it as difficult as possible for your visitors to find what they are.
  4. Have as much flash as possible on the site, please take the focus away from the important content with jumping guys and flashing banners, not to mention that this may crash your browser…
  5. preferably have sound, which automatically also, This is particularly uppstkattat of those who surf at work..
  6. All persons on the pictures to look and point away from the side, that humans naturally follow eyes and hands does not matter…
  7. Much text! well so that it strikes one right in the face!
  8. Iofs, much text can be divided into smaller segmant, do not use any tabs or anything else that could split the text, give visitors everything that a bomb in the face!
  9. Do not make the text large, we humans are lazy by nature, To read the width we love most of all, or not…
  10. do not use any images headings or other separators at all! a picture says a thousand words, wrong picture is worth pulling out of here.
  11. an extra can I bid on… compel your visitors to scroll, Please have a FET header over the whole site to make it as difficult as possible to quickly scan the page.

Even ghosts IE6

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Internet explorer 6Read This article on idg just in time for All Saints' Day, a great many companies will wait to upgrade to Windows7, and stay with XP for a while longer. The first thing that strikes me is that this must be because many are locked to XP because they have bought into web-based systems that rely on Internet Explorer 6! Anyway, without saying more, I refer to what is in the end of this article. I quote: “Although Gartner has examined the conditions for change to new operating systems and finds that the biggest problem for many companies is the lockdowns that many made to Internet Explorer 6. This means that approximately 20 percent of businesses will have a higher cost than they bargained for when switching to Windows 7.” And, what is there to say? IE6 ghost alive….

Let Google help you with your business intelligence

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Google AlertsWith today's Internet, almost everyone has access to vast amounts of information, and it's easier than ever to find information about various companies. Today, when someone calls, the first thing I do is throw myself on the keyboard and do a few quick searches on that undertaking. We have more power than ever to exercise our power as consumers and an angry customer with the right knowledge can harm your company very hard. We have services and anyone can write a blog and seriously damage your brand name, if you do not handle this correctly. The threat of police reports and lawyers help little and such measures may rather give the opposite effect, New blog posts and more dissatisfied customers who arrive. Give Dispute correct way to handle a situation like this to contact their unhappy person and inquire what you can do to make it happy again, convert it into a happy customer again. So in short, To be direct and honest is more important today than ever, all it takes is one angry person to damage your reputation enormously. But in order to deal with these situations one must also be aware that the problem exists. and here, Google has a great free tool called Google Alerts. Google Alerts can simply monitor searches for you and send an email to you when something is written about them just the searches you want to monitor. you can track products, company name, Bob and industries, according to your interests. One may also exclude searches such as [ “Henrik Larsson” -football ] will email you about anything with Henrik Larsson but not football. You can also choose not to show changes from a specific domain, as in my case, I might not want to receive emails about changes on my own site. In my case, should it look like this [ “Cristian Herrera” ] Hope this can help you to keep track of what's being said about you on the Internet, and to follow the topics that interest you right now. Another good use is to monitor the news in an interest topic, t,example, one could monitor everything that is written about “the pirate bay trial” then it automatically downloads an email whenever Google finds new content in the subject. Have fun with your intelligence.

Incoming searches:

Microsoft abandons Click?

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SilverlightAnyone who has worked with the web knows what a nightmare it's been to build sites that render the same on all browsers and platforms, worst, I think it was around early 2000 such, when we had to re-encode all sites at least 4 versions. Many web developers began unfortunately develop applications and web pages that only work in IE, and therefore sits today-sized organizations in uncertain environments it. Since Microsoft each dominant in the market, they have been able to ignore completely the standard compatibility, and this is where a major problem when developing designs. Historically, it has taken 3 times longer to develop Nagor that renders properly in IE, However, Microsoft has improved on this in its subsequent versions of its browser. I picked this up at Webmaster Network today where it may be thought that MS should stop working with Silverlight, so I each had to check it a little closer. After a little grubbing, I found an article on where Bob Muglia, Microsoft responsible for server and tools where they are responsible for products such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio, mentions that Silverlight will continue to be a cross platform solution that HTML5 is the only true cross platform solution for everything. If I understand everything correctly so, Microsoft will work to ensure that their web browser must be standards-compliant, and that it will support HTML5 though they will continue to develop plugin Silverlight. I guess MS has realized that customers want a standardkomptibel web and not have to have plugins for every webpage they will visit. Ironically, when I'd see a video that is about IE9 and Standards Compatibility so, it was found that the required Click to view video. For those who want to test the html5 video player, you can now do it on youtube. and this you can try a little of what HTML5 will manage, if you have a standards-compliant browser.

10 way to not get traffic on your site

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osynligIn all my years on the web, I have seen quite a lot and have become afraid of the dark several times about how people actually encode their web content. It seems that the designers do not want people to find their beautiful creations and I will therefore now out with a list that describes how to avoid being found.
  1. Make website entirely in Flash or use AJAX for all of your content
  2. Make no keyword analysis, what people are looking for is still totally irrelevant to you
  3. Do not use H tags, without creating all the headlines with CSS <div class=”rubbe1″>My fine Rubbe</div>
  4. Please flared lyrical text about your business. denominator rather not your products or services in text
  5. Spamming Title tag, and repeat your keywords as much as possible, it looks so serious when you search and find “seo stocckholm, seo sverige, SEO results-oriented, SEO Make Money”, it is really a text by clicking on… or not
  6. Menus must be done in javascript or any time in the flash, when we make it difficult for the robots to find our children.
  7. Please use the frames and the <noframes> We have a text that simply tells you that your browser does not support the. iofs so do not Google any value anymore on what is in <noframes> so it does not really matter.
  8. Text in the image is probably still one of the best ways to avoid being found. I have seen entire sites based on this wonderful concept. not only do you make the page invisible to search engines, but it allows anyone with disabilities can take part of your important content.
  9. Add all scripts and css in the code, preferably in the head or near the top of the page, we want our pages to load slowly, and that we download all css and scripts for each page view. and when we're at so we can take the opportunity to put a lot of unnecessary whitespace, Just to make pages “heavier”
  10. concentrate well on “fat belly” searches, slow to around 70% of a normal web page traffic is coming from “long tail” searches does not matter. Spamming title, descriptions and body text because it is really tempting to click on “find me find me find me find me find me find me find me”!

What is required of a website today?

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webbsidorToday there are many companies that offer visibility in search engine result lists, some more ethical than others, and today it is not unusual that you only need to pay for state 10 investments in eg Google. However, they rarely talk about CTR, ie how many people click on a link in the hit lists. Then there are also many companies that offer stylish flashy web sites. Dock har dessa aktörer sällan kunskaper om användarvänlighet och SEO Jag skulle säga att allt detta är viktigt, but however there is one thing that is even more important, namely, what is the website of the goal? Set yourself these 3 questions: What are the investments for value if no one clicks on my link? what have all traffic for value if no converts, ie, the cus / interests or goals which we have now? What a great design for value if no one can find it? What is a website worth if there is no CTA, a call to action or if all leave the site before they can read? I would in any case have replied “not much” to all these questions. When you see things from this perspective, you quickly realize that to be successful today, it takes much more than just a top 10 placement or a really page. It requires a good pre-analysis, clear goals and a page with clear navigation and clear messages that lead your visitors to your goals. Since it requires a proper follow-up and to continually monitor their traffic. Where do they come from? What are our customers? How our customers use the Internet? Today is not the search engines the only way to attract traffic, Many websites get most of their traffic from social media such as Facebook. I think it's important to do a proper job today before starting work on his site, and the combination of SEO, Social Media, ease of use and a stylish design in order to succeed. We currently live with one foot in the digital world and the other in the real, and we must never forget that our behavior in these worlds interact.

Pay only for peak 10!

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topp 10 på Google!Pay only for peak 10 Google, resultatinriktat! Jag has seen similar erbjudanden on många Stalls. När rush sees this Fråga rush me, hur they can act något such a? Dom frågorna as direct Dyker upp passionate portfolio:
  1. Top 10, on vems or vilken träfflista?
  2. Specifierar one geografiskt area?
  3. Hur Skote reporting?
  4. Hur Menara judgment with resultatinriktat?
Alla portfolio that Google has någolunda och hur stick on it works know att träfflistorna affected by många olika factors. Geographical placering of the web site and and Applicants, if you have “personal search” aktiverat, real time which most people have with och att inte's most passionate consciously over again personligt Searches existerar, språkinställningar for those seeking, yes listan can Goras lång. Also Utom, if you read and understand search engines' guidelines you quickly realize that no one who works at a renhårigt way to guarantee placement in the organic results list. It is possible to get good with renhåriga methods, but in order to give such a promise you have to work with more shady methods such as link farms and spam blogs. My next question come to when we're talking “results-driven search”. To my ears it sounds more like you're talking about conversions, ie you set goals for what you want to achieve with their web, and then working to reach that goal, goal can be anything from the visitor to fill out a form, lift the handset and dial, sign up for a newsletter, or just read some information, though in some cases it may just be about to get a certain number of visitors. So I wonder, how to define them “Top 10″? Is it in their browser? Customer? Stockholm or the client's domicile? The search engines are getting better and better at filtering out irrelevant links and it is very expensive to maintain such a campaign, What you also miss when working in such a way, this is all “long tail” searches available in an industry. I think you might as well work with AdWords advertising when it comes “fat belly” searches and working with SEO to all longtail concept. Does anyone know how they handle reporting for this type of service?

Finally SEF:ar to,ä and ö in WP!

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wp-slug med å ä och öThen I want my SEF:s with å, ä and ö, I was inside and fulhackade bit of code. This, I would not recommend anyone to do, it is a quick hack and not directly thought, but I want them here SEF:why now and why I do it, may take and look at what the code does little more thoroughly later. WARNING, these changes may be lost at the next update, I would appreciate someone who can do the WP plug-ins could watch this, but now we know where we must begin in all cases. Now I have not checked so thoroughly, but it seemed that everywhere where cunning and title were handled, anroppade judgment function sanitize_title($string) which according to the documentation only to strip off php and html characters from the title, and if this does not work, it shall return a default title, if set. In this function I found this row : $title = apply_filters(‘sanitize_title’, $title, $raw_title); It calls another function in WP called “apply_filters”, “apply_filters” running different filters that are globally declared in an array, seems that, marked with a tag, ettikett, the fall called 'sanitize_title'. Now I have not time to look up where the filter is declared, but I was lucky but me and found a function directly below the name: sanitize_title_with_dashes($title) I have not found any call to this function yet but it seems basically do what I want, except for one small detail where the aropar one anna function to remove all the accents from the title / URL:en Så jag bytte helt enkelt ut $title = apply_filters(‘sanitize_title’, $title, $raw_title); med $title = sanitize_title_with_dashes($title); and commented out the line $ title = remove_accents($title); i sanitize_title_with_dashes($title). Now I do not know what other side effects this may have, and I recommend no one to do it this way. the correct solution to this problem should be to find out where the filter 'sanitize_title’ declared and write a plug-in that byer out this marking label. but as I was told, I do not have time, but I hope that this can lead a pug in wp writer on track.

Shall I continue to respond to Google's webmaster forums?

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Google loggaI have for a long time answered questions on Google Webmaster Forums and it seems that the forum's users have appreciated my answers. I get a little worried when people start turning to me directly, not that I mind helping, but also I have a stomach to feed, and believe it or not, it takes a lot of time to troubleshoot and provide sensible answers sometimes, and that I must express myself on an SAT way that I do not run into me with any, many have spent big money on a website that is not search engine friendly at all, and how to tell it to people without them feeling stupid? I'm not picking on someone else's job. Maybe I should contact Google in Sweden and ask them to pay me a penny, then I can gladly answer any questions and put proper time analyzing the problems that people with. But this would happen I find it hard to see. Link to my answers: