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Wordpress is the best for the Web?

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in WordPress

There are many who have gone out and the claim that WordPress is the best thing that has happened to the web and it is the best for SEO. Something that is important to realize is that the search engine does not care what system you have behind, but the only thing that is important "on page" […]

How do we convert?

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in Web Publishing

I like to discuss getting the following way: If you have a high ranking in search engines but does not generate clicks, so it is not worth much. And in the final stage does not generate new traffic leeds so it is not much worth it either… So.. in a second step in how to generate traffic to […]

Even ghosts IE6

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in Internet standards

Read this article on idg just in time for All Saints' Day, a great many companies will wait to upgrade to Windows7, and stay with XP for a while longer. The first thing that strikes me is that this must be because many are locked to XP because they have bought into web-based systems […]

Let Google help you with your business intelligence

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in The Web

With today's Internet, almost everyone has access to vast amounts of information, and it's easier than ever to find information about various companies. Today, when someone calls, the first thing I do is throw myself on the keyboard and do a few quick searches on that undertaking. Vi har större makt än någonsin att […]

Microsoft abandons Click?

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in Internet standards

Anyone who has worked with the web knows what a nightmare it's been to build sites that render the same on all browsers and platforms, worst, I think it was around early 2000 such, when we had to re-encode all sites at least 4 versions. Many web developers began unfortunately develop applications and websites […]

10 way to not get traffic on your site

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in SEO

In all my years on the web, I have seen quite a lot and have become afraid of the dark several times about how people actually encode their web content. Det verkar som om designers inte vill att man skall hitta deras fina kreationer och därför kommer jag nu ut med en lista som beskriver hur man skall undvika att bli […]

What is required of a website today?

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in The Web

Today there are many companies that offer visibility in search engine result lists, some more ethical than others, and today it is not unusual that you only need to pay for state 10 investments in eg Google. However, they rarely talk about CTR, ie how many people click on a link in the hit lists. Sen finns det även många […]

Pay only for peak 10!

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in SEO

Pay only for peak 10 Google, resultatinriktat! Jag has seen similar erbjudanden on många Stalls. När rush sees this Fråga rush me, hur they can act något such a? Dom frågorna as direct Dyker upp passionate portfolio: Top 10, on vems or vilken träfflista? Specifierar one geografiskt area? Hur Skote reporting? Hur menar dom med […]

Finally SEF:ar to,ä and ö in WP!

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in SEO, WordPress

Then I want my SEF:s with å, ä and ö, I was inside and fulhackade bit of code. This, I would not recommend anyone to do, it is a quick hack and not directly thought, but I want them here SEF:why now and why I do it, may take and look at what […]