Cristian Herrera


I was born on “San Juan de Dios” the Santiago de Chile 1976. I came to Sweden with my family 1977 as a result of military coup 1973 when Augusto Pinochet violently seized power in Chile of Salvador Allende.

The early years

In my childhood I lived in Bredäng, which is a suburb of Stockholm. I liked it, it was too close to the lake (a large lake in Sweden) och det fanns mycket skog i området I slutet av 80-talet då många chilenska familjer åkte tillbaka efter ett regeringsskifte i Chile, we had an elected president again. One of these families was our, so I stayed there for a while until my mother decided to go back to Sweden, She and my sister had become too MAKE SWEDISH to stay in Chile, I wanted to stay in Chile, but it was not what happened.


Well that's a long story but I can say I've lived in many different suburbs of Stockholm and made a lot of different things. And I do not know if I would also like to publish my entire life story on the net right now, Maybe when I'm around 100 years old;)

Current Status

Currently I am working on adding consulting and web page production for my own company Web