Moved by site Elxis to WP

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I love working with Elxis, there is a good safety approach, Good SEF:s in the core and native multi-language support. What makes me to change is that it, For better or worse missing mass of plugins to the system. They are, however, that pluginsen good, and avoids compatibility issues between components. Men men, Now I will be able to update the site more often then I can use the phone and then to write down my thoughts.

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Now it works E-mail Form

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I'm sorry to announce that I have not received any emails via my contact form before, this is because I pointed it to my hotmail, not accept mail from this host.
This problem is now corrected and I regret that I did not see this before, found some mail sent to me, but iom that every bounce, I have not been able to read the contents of these.
I regret this and hope that those who tried to reach me try again, Now when the form works.

Cristian blir

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I have been more or less active on the Internet for quite a few years now, written sites in everything from PERL to PHP, using SSI, CGI and Or take everything you can think of.

But I never pursued a serious site. All the pages I pushed before, each in order to learn new techniques and etc..

Thanks inkopatibiliteten between readers, I have simply not been able to bother me, but now maybe it will change in the.

I will try to maintain this in the way it was intended from the beginning, with nourishing articles in the areas I'm testing things within, and not only in the now so murders are the blog format.

I believe that blogs fulfills a function, but I also see a difference between a blog and a news section on page.

But where is the line?

I hope you like the change.