SQL injection is when you injeccerar sql code against such website or software through an input field. This vulnerability often comes through that you do not check its input (rule nr1 in programming). for example, you can use the address bar of a standard Web browser to “injecting” (injecera) malicious SQL code.

Brute force attack

A attacktyp that they mainly look to the login boxes and pages. You learn just one program inlogningssekvensen for its intended target and then lets the program enter your username and password until it comes in.. The easiest way to reduce the ability of such an attack is to never use the default login.

Shift sensitivity

Case sensitivity – Some systems make no distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters, while others do. For example, in Windows is CristianHerrera same as cristianherrera, This does not apply to systems based on the POSIX standard, systems such as Linux and UNIX, This has meant difficulties in communication between systems.


A server is a computer that provides a particular service which is then a client can connect to. For example, this page is located on a server that your web browser (client) download from this page via a language called HTTP.


Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications – Judgement standards and recommendations should be followed when writing a program or a system to handle IDN domains, such as browsers and email programs.


Internationalized Domain Name – A system that was created in order to have what we call åäö domains, this is not strictly true, IDN support all Unicode characters, and this allows you to type with krylliska, Greek and chinesiska characters, t.exe Here he you test how your IDN domain looks for the underlying Internet system.


Punycode was developed to make IDN domains, there is a way to present a text string that has unicode characters with only ASCII characters. The xn-- which we are accustomed to seeing in idn domains are just a prefix called ACE, and are not included in punycode, probably it is a way to tell clients to interpret this to “This is a Punycode encoded domain, deal with it right now”