Moving to WP

Written by Cristian Herrera on . Posted in Elxis, WordPress

After working with the site so far I switched now to WP, migration was relatively painless, but i lost all my comments, although so many were they not in all cases. Hope Vist I will be better able to maintain the site and my primary goal is still to write articles, but may take it as time. I'm pleasantly surprised anyway how easy the migration has gone, and it will be fun to see how hard I can SEO:a denna site nu.

Night Hack Elxis CMS

Written by Cristian Herrera on . Posted in Elxis

Sitting up and wonder what the hell I'm doing up there…

Although it was a long time ago, but more than once I have sat and hacked all night

Sitting and working with elxis CMS, a very good CMS if you ask me put out

Soon, they will release their new release and probably I have to redo the modifications that I made in the code to adapt it to my needs.

The Dock…

When the new release will, unless they fixed the small features that I missed in the code, I will probably ask for them, or better yet, submit code snippets or modules that fixes this for the next release that will teach come out anytime.

I wait with excitement and have great expectations for the system.

I have nevertheless decided that I should update my language files (Swedish) to the new release and release them.

Just hope they have thought of the little moddarn aI have done so I do not hack my system again….

God natt