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Researching the right deal in Internet marketing and SEO. Trying out different CMS, examines them basically in search of the perfect system ;-) More can be read on my resume or my personal presentation during "about me" here at

Just a warning

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in General, The Web

Got a funny email today that managed to pass my spam filter.. Just thought I'd make a little varnig.. I maintain the source code of the email here, there emerges the sending servers etc etc. If you receive this email, delete it immediately and do not click on any links.. /C <code> Return-Path: <> Delivered-To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxReceived: from localhost (localhost.localdomain []) by xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Postfix) […]

How (un)safe is your wireless network?

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in System

Today most of us wireless network at home, it's very convenient to get rid of all the cables and we are more mobile with tablets, phones and laptops that we do not want to have cables all the time. We would lie in bed or on the couch and surfing or watching movies, it has become a part […]

Photoshop och Creative suite för LINUX?

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in Linux

Yesterday it happened something strange, Adobe wire for support for linux on getsatisfaction Creative suite (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign mm). This thread's been open for a while and where relatively inactive. But yesterday something happened, thread exploded with posts both for and against Linux support for Adobe products. What has triggered this explosion […]

A bomtur in Nynäs

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in Personal

Was out with Donald Duck and tried to find autumn trout. There where no fish, but we saw a couple of wake and had a trevlih luck with Beer and Fishing

Google spends his Swedish support forum for webmasters

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in The Web

I have enjoyed the role as Top Contributor now for a while on the Swedish forum for webmasters, but now Google has decided to close down the Swedish support forum:!category-topic/webmaster-sv/inl% C3% A4sning-indexering-och-positionering/xuJ7Z5fjQAM Those who want continued support and assistance have been referred to the English-speaking community.!forum / webmasters Myself, in my role as a top contributor has been the choice to […]

Post Nynashamn – now I've had enough!

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in General

Ever since I started her own business for a little more than 2 years ago, I suffered pretty hard by postal mishandling of its mission, (to deliver mail to me.) Many companies do not have e-invoicing to corporates, without sending invoices via mail, and thanks to this I had to pay thousands of dollars in fees when the reminder […]

Vtiger php 5.4

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in General

Now it was a while since I wrote something in the blog, I've had a very busy so blogging has been falling a little into the background. However, as I updated my development server on Friday to the latest version of PHP (php5.4.3) and I stopped my test vtiger to work. This has to do with the […]

The shoemaker should buy shoes for their children!

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in General

It struck me a while ago when I was going 5 minutes to update web that I actually did not even have time to do the most basic measures, like I always do for my clients! This is something I'm ashamed of myself because I know how much we are judged by how we […]

SOUP / PIPA is not just America's problem

Written by Cristian Herrera. Posted in The Web

Today, the 18 January 2012 many Internet-based companies protested against 2 motions that are being voted on in the U.S. House. I have previously drawn attention to this, and is actually a little afraid that so few respond to what happens around us. Rand Fishkin wrote today a very good blog post about why we should not cry […]