Microsoft abandons Click?

SilverlightAnyone who has worked with the web knows what a nightmare it's been to build sites that render the same on all browsers and platforms, worst, I think it was around early 2000 such, when we had to re-encode all sites at least 4 versions. Many web developers began unfortunately develop applications and web pages that only work in IE, and therefore sits today-sized organizations in uncertain environments it. Since Microsoft each dominant in the market, they have been able to ignore completely the standard compatibility, and this is where a major problem when developing designs. Historically, it has taken 3 times longer to develop Nagor that renders properly in IE, However, Microsoft has improved on this in its subsequent versions of its browser. I picked this up at Webmaster Network today where it may be thought that MS should stop working with Silverlight, so I each had to check it a little closer. After a little grubbing, I found an article on where Bob Muglia, Microsoft responsible for server and tools where they are responsible for products such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio, mentions that Silverlight will continue to be a cross platform solution that HTML5 is the only true cross platform solution for everything. If I understand everything correctly so, Microsoft will work to ensure that their web browser must be standards-compliant, and that it will support HTML5 though they will continue to develop plugin Silverlight. I guess MS has realized that customers want a standardkomptibel web and not have to have plugins for every webpage they will visit. Ironically, when I'd see a video that is about IE9 and Standards Compatibility so, it was found that the required Click to view video. For those who want to test the html5 video player, you can now do it on youtube. and this you can try a little of what HTML5 will manage, if you have a standards-compliant browser.

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