How the U.S. media industry can take away our right to create!

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At last it looks as if more and more open their eyes to how the U.S. media industry can violate our rights to create and share knowledge.

But I fear that many do not understand the depth of the bill (SOUP / PIPA)

ENL SOPA / PIPE's siter ner bag / blocked without any trial ie: you owe to the contrary is proved,.

But before you say, This does not concern me, I am doing nothing illegal. Read the entire text so you can understand how dangerous these proposals are actually!

These things I describe here does not mention right out of the bill, but there are direct consequences of its impact.

  • They must be able to block sites which contain links to copyrighted material.
    In practice this means that wherever we can comment or post a link can be potentially illegal, and therefore lost this type of service.
    Suppose you created a video with your own band and want to spread it via eg youtube but.. sites like youtube do not dare take your video where they do not know if it violates any copyright.
  • You will not even be able to post your own pictures and works.
    Not without the risk of being prosecuted for violation of copyright law and risking 5 years in prison, if you for example designed by “Musse Pigg” and posting on Facebook This becomes the copyright violation and the site as your picture is going to be blocked by American domain name system.
    This means that sites like Facebook, MySpace and all the community sites will not be able to receive pictures when they can not guarantee that they do not violate any copyright, probability is high that these sites will be just put down.
    Suppose that your 5 age makes a drawing, similar to a cartoon, To show it to your friends on Facebook, This is a crime and Facebook can be held responsible not to mention that your child or you can spend the next few 5 years in prison.
  • OK, but when I create my own blog!!
    Wrong again! Then only you will be liable, and Google will be forced to not index your site.. ie search engines like Google will have to close down because they might link to your site with your child's picture on “Musse Pigg”.

This was just a few examples, to prove the principle, some more concrete examples.

  • Your cover band can not have a website and publish your gigs
  • Do you have a band playing their own music, there will be social places on the net so you can reach out.
  • You will not be able to spread your art, such as paintings and photos as they may contain copyrighted material (t.ex en musse Pigg tapet)

These bills will thus undermining and collapse of large detar of the Internet industry, an industry which today has annual sales more than media industry, which in turn means…

  • Millions of lost jobs
  • Less opportunities for us to make money.
  • More difficult to start new businesses in the Internet.
  • Other companies will lose the ability to spread their message online, but must go on TV and newspapers.
  • Our country loses tax revenues and thus undermined much of the economy.
But the thing that scares me most is still the:
If we could create some kind of GPL for music / film / Photos and disseminate our work under this License (make money from advertising / T-shirts and the like) we would:
  1. not have a place to spread our work.
  2. not be received by the social networks (if they last) when they can be prosecuted if they even link to anything that may contain copyrighted material, (they can not guarantee that your works do not contain copyrighted material)

These bills are a real threat, I'm surprised they have not been addressed in traditional media such as television and newspapers.

Anyway, We must stop this nonsense now, once and for all, Media companies will come next year, and the year after, etc.. etc with similar proposals.

Infographic, SOUP

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